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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Wookie 2012

Talking about being influenced by where I live and the day-to-day of what I see and do, it only seemed right to theme at least a piece on the Olympics. Wookie2012.

Friday, 27 July 2012

The day to day, today.

I like the fact that im posting more frequently, it only means I have more work/ideas. Although here its quite small. Like before I posted the WIP of the more sketchy style work, heres some more progress. I decided to take it further with different images, I dont yet have a title but as I produce more im sure something will fall into place. Keep in mind these are WIP.

The second of the 2 is a lot rougher than the first, needs to be cleaned up a lot more. Although I like the colours used I will also switch it up with something different.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Himself: An Introduction

The point is simply my view, agree or disagree. Looking at someones work is an experience, seeing something that is an expression of them self. You make your own decisions and conclusions about it and that is the freedom of art? Yes, i agree, but personally I enjoy finding out about where the artist was in life, what they were doing, feeling and ultimately what their interpretation of the piece is. So believing this I feel that I should give an introduction of my own seeing as "throwing caution to the wind.. and paint at the canvas" really doesn't tell you all that much.
Taylor-James Williams, me. My work up until this point in life has been affected by what I like and what I am "good at". Personally I like simplicity and a clean design aesthetic, near perfection is what I aim for in my work and anything else does not see the light of day. This is something I feel I need to change to be able to progress.
I have expressed early on in my blogging that I do not like school artwork and working towards a grade because someone tells you what is right and wrong, art is based on opinion, literally Marmite stuff, so to mark work does not match up right to me. The intensity in which works are created is good in terms of productivity but in personal experience it feels like you are made to force out work that doesnt necessarily mean anything other than what a pre determined brief has told you and is being made by 7-10 other people. Although it seems 'ranty' I feel like I have a valid point and something I will always be first to discuss be it right or wrong, again my opinion.
Back to my own work, I may or may not decide to put up my portraiture work on here, I feel it is a good incite into what I do but not necessarily what I enjoy the most. I feel the reason it consists of attempted photorealism comes down to the fact that I have an eye for perfection and get satisfaction of of trying to make it?
In terms of the more graphic style work I have put up, 'wookie', I think it really comes down to being a product of my environment. My uncle who is interested in the type of work has always influenced me and I put that down to why I have explored it myself. I think it also is to do with the simplicity of it and being able to take an image and turn it into something stripped down but still impacting with block colours and definitive line. London as a place to live and be around it is easy to be influenced. I would like to take my work further and ultimately manufacture it to becoming a brand; clothing would be sweet in terms of my own designing and name, and I already have many designs banked.
As an artist I am still uncertain as to which path to choose, going graphic or to stay with paint. You read that paint is becoming obsolete, and I hear stories from people in other places of the system telling me how conceptual art is becoming, and therefor not something I would enjoy.
Its funny to me because this is my interpretation of myself, like art, agree and disagree.

wookie #1

wookie #2
This, as me typing for 20 minutes, probably hasn't helped anyone and really was just me finding some sanctuary in a weird way. There is a hint of whats going on in my mind but I think seeing my work develop and me talking about new ideas and things that I am thinking or have done more regularly in greater detail will be good as it is something I have neglected to do. Photography is a new addition to my 'to-do' list as I could use some new primary source, and right now we have the weather to go shoot for hours.


playing around with very simple outlining and block colour

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Taking a Munny Doll, by Kidrobot, that I had already practiced painting onto I decided to take the practice further (as well as cover up the initial shoddy job). Using acrylic paint, but this time applying it in three thin layers building up the colour seems effective. However you can still see the brush strokes left from the first paint job. I think that using this technique on my other DIY toys will work better giving a smoother finish. This paired with the addition of varnish or spray will work best. I am also going to use spray paint in future for the best finish and applying smaller details in paint/ marker. As for this Munny, for now I actually like the finish, as it looks almost like graphite, as it has texture and almost metallic shine. I may add some white details or pattern to complete it.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

New additions

Bub and Kracka from Kidrobot, picked up from KRLDN store. Im looking forward to customizing these, hopefully the  end result will be better than that of the previous DIY Munny's I have made. (Will be reconditioning the old 2 so i can re-do them in the near future). I'll be looking at simple designs, not to complicate the outcome using Acrylic paint and marker. I also have a 7" DIY Munny that I havent touched yet for fear of ruining it, so these will make for good practice, I will also be adding a DIY Dudebox figure to my collection.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012


legit/eyeless society/munny

seeing as I havent been up alot recently i have been planning my own projects, first is to redesign and think the 'legit.' idea i have had and create a potential line of designs that could later be used for clothing and shirts. The second main idea comes from editing photographs, and removing the eyes of the subjects. i like the effect which is ultimately quite haunting, and so am going to photograph a wider range of people to edit out the eyes later to create digital sketches and even a series of acrylic paintings from the outcomes.
i have also been playing around with my munnys which are still not done, and now that i have a substantial collection and some decent time i can focus and create something good with them. 

Wednesday, 20 June 2012


I'm going under the radar, falling off the map for a good couple of weeks. Bye.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

''look at the state of it"

coming to the end of school, literally like a week away, thinking about the future. its a big prospect and its slightly worrying to think that i dont necessarily have a clear direction. banking on my foundation to do as it says, and allow me to find it. weird how recent events have left me feeling this way. looking for a job not necessarily to benefit myself, but to keep other people happy. wouldnt  mind working in Costa, they took three of my CV's. definitely could have done better this year, but

..and thats just the thing, i know it, but didnt want to do anything about it. my own state of mind confuses  

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

finishing everything

So everything is finally nearly over. I know for a fact I could have done better in my subjects, and im realistically hoping for B's, its not bad, but its what I deserve.. One plus side is, im almost guaranteed a place at college for a foundation and so now iv got enough time to sit down with my own ideas and start editing and drawing things to push this blog, and my own personal portfolio forward (if thats what you'd call it) 

beyond late


Friday, 13 April 2012


The blog is not dead. I just underestimated the amount of coursework I needed to do and haven't had time to do anything I wanted to this holiday... 

Monday, 26 March 2012

this evening.

at home relaxing in the sunlight behind my desk with feet up, kicked back in my chair, some feel good music on (chiddy bang)